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Our team is the heart of our business and the main competitive advantage. We are a team of deeply experienced professionals who offer strong leadership and communication expertise to help leaders, teams and individuals build their awareness and grow their capabilities.

Our trainers, consultants and coaches were selected because of their ability to create a deep connection with the clients they work with. When that ability is combined with broad business perspectives and decades of experience, we produce lasting change for our clients.

Our team members have a long track records of successful work with diverse audiences from different size companies, industries and cultures. Whether you need someone with experience in the largest blue chip companies, different level of leadership experience or someone who can connect with your young talents, sales reps and technical population, you will have your choice of expertise to draw from.

Miriam Fridrich

Founder, General Manager

Miriam Fridrich is the Founder and the General Manager of Spring Consulting. She is a dedicated senior consultant based in Prague, working internationally. She delivers comprehensive range of training, consulting and coaching services.

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Tomáš Řehák

Senior Consultant

Tomas has more than 11 years of experience in the area of client service and sales. He started his career as a project manager and continued in many roles such as operations manager, trainer, leader and consultant.

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David Smith

Trainer & Coach

David Smith has more than 10 years of experience training people to become better public speakers and communicators. As an experienced actor and director, David uses acting, staging and storytelling techniques to transform the way his students approach public speaking.

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