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About Us

Spring Consulting is a training and consulting company found and led by Miriam Fridrich. We are a team of highly experienced consulting, coaching and training specialists who combine their abilities with broad business perspectives and decades of experience. We aim to produce significant and lasting change for our clients. We have been working with individuals, different sizes of groups, SME and blue chip companies in the Czech and other markets worldwide. We always do our business in line with our values.

Our Values


What we do, we do really well.
We keep on learning and developing. We remain constructively discontent.
We give the best of us to each and every client.
Our approach and profesionalism inspires our business partners.


We are committed in our heart and mind.
We always go an extra mile.
We love what we do and we do what we love.
We have fun.


We act with honesty and honor without compromising the truth.
We do what we say and what we believe in.
We respect opinions, values and experiences of others.
Our clients can always rely on our word and count on our support.

Pro bono

Our company provides pro bono services to selected individuals mainly in the area of coaching and mentoring. Our consultants are proud and grateful to be able to provide such service to those who need help and can benefit from it. Should you be interested in pro bono help, please contact us on info@springconsulting.cz and we will get back to you.

We also donate to charities and support non-profit organisations regularly.

We support:
Individual dog and cat shelters in CZ