Šárka Pešová

Senior Consultant

Šárka has more than 15 years of experience in the field of training, more than 10 years experience in mediation, and more than 5 years experience of coaching. The best education for her has been the practical experience in sales (in amount of 15 years), and management (8 years). For last three years she calls herself more like „relationship consultant“. Why? The most of clients calls her for help in relationship communication problems in their teams, companies, and she can use the most of her mediation skills.


Motto: "Most of communication run out of our control, unconsciously. It is good to know, how to cope with it on conscious level."

Šárka has wide experience in selling, communication skills, especially conflict or difficult communication, and management.

Her key elements are:

  • Individual features of each client, each work
  • Creativity
  • Energy spreading

Šárka specializes mainly on:

  • Consulting in the area of client service and sales
  • Consulting in the area of management
  • On the job skills development
  • Sales and management skills
  • Conflict and difficult communication skills, relationship communication skills
  • Šárka speaks Czech, Slovak and English

Education and certification:

  • UK Prague
  • Management and sales lecturer - certificate
  • Mediation – certificate (AMĎR) as mediator, and lecturer of mediation
  • Coaching – certificate (Result Coaching)


  • KB, Unicredit Bank, Česká Pojišťovna, Provident Financial
  • K&V Elektro, Kondor, Magna Seating Systems, Škoda Auto
  • Vesna, Enviros, Tchibo