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Individual and Group Coaching

Our experienced team of professional coaches takes an innovative approach to improve communication, management and leadership skills, career development and planning as well as overal well-well being and work-life balance. Our coaches are certified in different types of coaching tools such as NLP, systemic coaching and in many psychometric tools such as MBTI, Belbin, etc.

Coaching and Facilitating

We provide:

  • Mentoring and “buddy” mentoring services (on all aspects and areas of company operations, organization, projects and management)
  • One-on-one sessions to increase self awareness and enhance potential of managers and individual employees as well as guide them in developing their skills
  • Group coaching sessions with the aim to improve team cooperation, team performance and team spirit
  • Facilitations of group discussions on different subjects
  • We tailor make and deliver various kinds of workshops in a large spectrum of topics, such as Creative problem solving, team feedback workshops, preparation of company strategy, design of company Vision, Mission and Values.
  • We deliver coaching in person or over skype, which enables us to work more intensely without increasing the time and cost requirements.

Neuro Business Coaching

Who is it for: Managers on all management levels, sales reps and entrepreneurs
The main benefits:

  • Increasing self confidence
  • Increasing sales and performance
  • Becoming great communicators and negotiators
  • Breaking mental barriers, which are limiting in business or sales
  • Discovering inner resources and strength for success
  • Reducing stress and increasing mental stability
  • Gaining easy-to-use skills to overcome inner barriers and achieving the desired outcome.

In one-on-one Neuro Business Coaching we always focus on coachee’s hot issues and topics and solve them efficiently by using a wide range of neuro science tools and techniques. This coaching package includes systemic business coaching, business consulting, individual training and mentoring.

Neuro Career Coaching

Who is it for: Managers, sales force, specialists and individuals who are heading towards a new career challenge
The main benefits:

  • Discovering own identity and desired career direction
  • Ability to set career goals and action plan to reach those goals
  • Becoming great communicators
  • Breaking inner barriers
  • Reducing stress and gaining self-confidence, inner resources, hidden skills and potential to reach career success quickly and efficiently
  • Gaining new skills to succeed at interviews and Assessment Centres

Neuro Career offers one-on-one intensive guidance during career change. It works with neuro coaching techniques, systemic coaching tools, career consulting, individual training and mentoring.

Personal Neuro Compass

Who is it for: Managers, specialists, entrepreneurs, HR professionals and individuals who want to grow and increase their potential
The main benefits:

  • Raising the standards in own life
  • Setting personal goals in the areas of work or private relationships, health, work-life balance, communication and finance
  • Finding personal values and inner resources, hidden potential and skills
  • Overcoming barriers, getting rid of stress and fear, strengthening self-confidence and reaching personal success.

Personal Neuro Compass offers neuro coaching, systemic coaching, individual training and mentoring.