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We bring in a broad range of highly-skilled consultants, facilitators, coaches and trainers that have experience across a broad range of industries and cultures. We match your requirements and organizational culture with the right consultant. The resulting partnership will bring relevant experience in order meet your expectations and address your specific needs.

We work with clients of all management levels on a wide range of leadership, interpersonal, and communication topics including:

  • Developing unifying Vision, Mission and Company Values
  • Implementing Competency Models
  • Formulating Company Strategy and Strategic Goals
  • Establishing Performance Management and other HR Processes
  • Creating Company Culture that drives Success and maximum Engagement
  • Performing Intercompany Surveys (different topics)
  • Preparing and Supervising Internal and External Projects
  • Facilitating Workshops, Brainstorming Sessions and Problem Solving Sessions
  • Designing and Performing 360° Feedback
  • Designing and Performing Assessment and Development Centers
  • Preparing Clients for Public Speaking


Role of a temporary HR Manager

We can provide you with an experienced HR specialist or HR manager who will support your company in this field.

When do you need this service?

  • When your company is too small to hire your own HR Manager
  • When your HR Manager is long absent or leaving your company
  • When you cannot find a suitable HR Manager in the market
  • When you need temporary help with your HR agenda
  • When you would like to have your own HR Manager trained by a specialist (learning on job)